Saturday, August 6, 2011

Top 4 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

Out of hundreds and thousands of tattoo designs the world has produced, there are few that stand out and continue to ink their way onto generation after generation. Here’s a list of the 50 most popular tattoo symbols and designs.

This is the most requested tattoo design ever. I am not sure why folks really want tribal tattoos in this modern world, but perhaps the contrast of savage design and the new-age body gives a certain level of charm. Besides, tribal designs are quite intricate and attractive, offering rich choices for the tattoo enthusiasts.
Tribal tattoos consist of an exciting array of tattoo design possibilities, ranging from the traditional tribal designs of indigenous and aboriginal cultures to the latest in graphic design for the ink-hungry body.

2. Angel 
Angels are religious symbols that are believed to be winged spirits intended to deliver the word of God to mankind. They are considered higher beings and therefore a nice niche for a cool tattoo design. Angel tattoos are very popular among all cultures in various forms. They can also take the form of an archangel like Michael or Uriel.
3. Phoenix
If you think it’s cool for a bird to rise from its ashes, then you’re not alone. In fact, all of us are thrilled by that mystical act, yet only the Phoenix has the ability. The Phoenix is a mythical bird and the Phoenix tato is a much inked reality. A phoenix tat is also rumored to express one’s hunger for immortality. Don’t we all want to live forever?
4. Butterfly
The butterfly tattoo is really popular among the female population. I have yet to see a guy with a butterfly tattoo, but I’m sure they’re out there somewhere. Mariah Carey really made this one very popular during her ‘Butterfly’ days. And it sure clicked.
A butterfly tat can represent beauty, metamorphosis, freedom, happiness, and fragility. And those are elements women can definitely relate with


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